SEIN – Katana 2

4000 kr

Title: Katana 2
Size: 46×64 centimeter
Spray paint and oil paint on thick paper.

Additional cost applies when shipping outside Norway.

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I started with graffiti when I was around ten years old. Eventually I started to climb out of the window at home on Landås in Bergen, and walked around alone at night when I could not sleep. It was idyllic to walk down the streets and see the yellow street lights flooding in an empty city. Walking down the streets for a few hours with music on my ear, and spray cans in my backpack, was pure harmony, and a feeling I long for to this day.
I want to achieve the ultimate artistic freedom in my works of art, such as when I walked the streets alone as a youth and only focused on what I wanted to create myself. In my art I like to convey thoughts and feelings about my own interests or things I philosophize about. Today I work with food and art. This is my passion that I want to dedicate my life to.
Regards SEIN