RC: Rodrigo Cortez – Jeg er norsk (small)

300 kr

Title: Jeg er norsk (small)
Size: 12×10 cm
Signert. Digital print, art paper.
Total circulation: 10.

Additional cost applies when shipping outside Norway.

Are you in Bergen area can you pick up your fresh print from my studio in Damsgårdsveien and get a little insight tour of my studio! Contact Rodrigo here!

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Street art has an inherent freedom that is central to its nature. Creativity will always find its way out of the norms that try to define it and put it into a system. As a street artist, the term Loophole speaks to me because it indicates that there are cracks in the system. For me, it has become more important to have a real and honest dialogue with the audience. Therefore, here in the Loophole webshop I want to show real, original pieces that are really meant for the street, but which for various reasons can also be framed and offered for a reasonable price. Orginal art for the people!