L3IF – A bboys tribute to Adidas and fat laces

2200 kr

Title: A bboys tribute to Adidas and fat laces
Size: 40×40 cm
Dette er en liten tribute til en trend vi hadde på tidlig 2000 tallet, Adidas sko med fat laces. Fat laces er tykke skolisser, som ble kult da det representerte graffiti writere og b-boys back in the days.

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L3if, aka Artworkbyleif, live in a little town called Haugesund. He is 35 years, have tree kids and a wifey. L3if has been doing graffiti since he was 14 years old, and the last 5 years he has been running his own firm doing art commisions.
L3if is selftougth, and learned graffiti from jams and other writers. His art is inspired by cartoons/tattoo/vintage 80’s characters and pinup style. His main tools are spraycans and markers, but he also uses paint sometimes.