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KBR – Childhood flashbacks

2500 kr

Title: Childhood flashbacks
Childhood series
Size: 30×30
Acrylic paint and posca markers, canvas

Additional cost applies when shipping outside Norway.

Sold out!


For serious buyers in Bergen, Norway, you are welcome to contact the artist directly to see the piece before buying.

Born and raised with a mother who was an artist, it came natural for KBR to pick up the pecil at a very young age.
KBR has a multi talent when it comes to art, and last year when she went down to Meieriet, she quickly got introduced to spray cans by the graffiti artist form the streets and it didn´t took long before she started to handle the can control.
She is known for her roses that you can find blossoming around Bergen town and as a quick learner KBR still continues to grow as a graffiti artist and experiment with the spray cans and art forms, where she adds a lot of popping colors into her style.